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Spirituele journey / dinsdag, juli 19th, 2016

Red Moon of life: Stay true to your own light and ideals


The Mayan Tzolkin calendar tells the story of your life journey based on your birth date. So you can learn a lot about your skills, talents and how supported energy from the cosmos to grow and create. The Tzolkin also tells a bigger story: the story of creation and what we will do as like humanity on earth.

Each lifepath has fourteen days and each day has its own energy that supports you in taking your own place in the whole.

Your light and your ideals

The Red Moon of life is to stay on your ability to remember who you are: a divine being. Sometimes it seems that we all have forgotten that we are making a big trip from a deep longing with the aim of gaining experience on earth. It also seems as if we have forgotten that we have a collective heart’s desire to serve the world. Yet there is deep inside always a reminder of your origins, your own light present. That light ensures that you remain faithful to the desires which you started this long journey, even if you can not feel it. The Red Moon of life tells you step by step how to find the light within yourself, so that you can shine in full and confident.


The subheadings of this article are powerful phrases that act directly on DNA. They are connected to the thirteen days of the Red Moon of life and activate your memory of our collective hearts desire. Speak out loud  every day only of that day or every day all thirteen  in a row. Do what feels right for you. Every day, if possible. It activates who you really are and brings you in connection with the collective heart desire of mankind.



1. Red Moon – I let my light shine
You will find the light within yourself if you master of your emotions go along with me and everyone else. Did you learn that anger and sadness have negative feelings? Then you probably also taught them to suppress. Let your beautiful light now just hiding under all those ‘reprehensible’ emotions. So called them especially welcome. Give them the space, but does not adhere to. Let the stories attached to it coming like a cloud floating by. You do not have to believe in it. Once you detach yourself from your emotions to come out of your light and your life starts to flow.

2. White Dog – I’m true to myself
You will find the light within yourself as you love yourself as you are, with me and everyone else. You are a beautiful soul who will gain experience. All your experiences stood  when you came to Earth. Why would you in any way whatsoever judge yourself? You came here to learn and also to make mistakes. For those mistakes you may also be nice. They are all part and you can learn every day and start again. The Bible says “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” But turn it sometimes. Love you just as much of yourself as your dearest neighbor?

3. Blue Monkey – I’m open-minded child
You will find the light within you as you continue to wonder with me and everyone else. In times of crisis and misery, it is sometimes difficult to keep feeling the lightness of life. Have you ever noticed how gloomy you are of gloomy people around you if you are not comfortable in your own skin? You’re doing the world a great service if you’re bright and cheerful. If you can continue to laugh at yourself and earthly hassle. If you lightness wherever it is heavy and difficult. So you’re the sparkling light in which others potty again.

4. Yellow Man – I create
You will find the light within you as you deal with your conscious creation power, join me and everyone else. You have a tremendous ability to create and you do that with whatever you give attention. It begins with your intent. Energy follows your thoughts. Keep even notice how often you have negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can be tremendously comfortable. They provide security and maintain all kinds of responsibilities outside the door. They save you hard choices and keep you away from your feelings. Try a day to tally your negative thoughts instead of it going into conversation. Not to count how many there are, but as a way of it coming loose and to pay attention to what you want it to grow.

5. Red Skywalker – I’m an explorer
You will find the light within yourself if you have the courage to push your limits, together with me and everyone else. You came here to experience new things. That is why you always force outside your comfort zone, beyond what you’re used to, is beyond what is familiar. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten. Try, experiment, do what you never did. Take it an experiment: measuring yourself a few brand beliefs, act it and see what it brings you.

6. White Wizard – I listen to the knowledge of my heart
You will find the light within yourself when you act from your heart, in accordance with the divine will, together with me and everyone else. This is the time to head and heart to get back together, so they send your hands in everything you do. If you look with your heart, you get a different view of the world in which we live. If you look with your heart, you are attuned to the universal heart, the heart of the Milky Way that the Maya Hunab ‘call ku. It is the source from which everything comes and everything returns to. If your heart and the universal heart beating in the same rhythm, everything you do from your heart, in accordance with the divine will, the light in yourself and all others. In that energy all energy flows harmoniously in the same direction.

7. Blue Eagle – I overlook the great plan
You will find the light within yourself if you have a view of what’s going on from a higher perspective, along with me and everyone else. In order to see the big plan you need distance and we have in everyday life sometimes too little. We are bound, have obligations, interests and lived by what should and what we think is expected of us. you can never get list from that position. Transcend your limitations by yourself from what binds and open yourself to a new, fresh and free look at yourself and the world.

8. Yellow Warrior – I follow my inner guidance
You will find the light within you as you use your wisdom for yourself, join me and everyone else. It is so easy to know one another what is right. From a distance it is easy to judge another. All wisdom in yourself is initially only meant for one person, namely yourself. Do you have to have the guts to really yourself? To be different than any other person to do what’s right for you when everyone calls you can do no better for various reasons that are not right for you? Only when you do, you can be of value to another with your wisdom.

9. Red Earth – I go wherever my feet take me
You will find the light within yourself if you live heaven on earth with me and everyone else. The earth is the place you have chosen to stay. That was your goal. If your head does not know exactly why that again was your goal, but rely on your feet. If you are well grounded, they bring you exactly where you need to experience what was on your wishlist. Do you have the courage to get out of your head, you can permanently in the here and now and give room to synchronicity: the apparent coincidence that comes your way as heaven and earth are connected by you.

10. White Mirror – I’m the mirror for myself and others
You will find the light within yourself when you have clear who you want to be in the future, along with me and everyone else. Everybody has to bring you back something. Each property of another, any behavior or trait brings you closer to the image of your future self. Sometimes because the other person sets a good example, sometimes because those other shows you the opposite of who you want to be. Realize that you in this way, everyone can be grateful for their role in your life and that everyone else is subservient to you as a model for the future.

11. Blue Storm – I bring energy to renew
You will find the light within yourself if you are willing at times as to rise a phoenix from the ashes, along with me and everyone else. It is precisely in the difficult moments that you are closest to your own light. Know that you are not your emotions. You have the option of everything feels heavy to carry off, because you’re all light and lightness. Remember that you all the turmoil around you can use and go inside yourself to find the way to your own light. Tension that arises in yourself is your compass towards the silence within yourself where you are at home and know who you really are.

12. Yellow Sun – I bring light, love and warmth
You will find the light within yourself if you can see the perfection in everything, with me and everyone else. Good and bad do not exist if you assume that everyone makes his own travel and gain experience. You can redial how to deal with what life gives you every day. You do not have to change anything, just be aware of what it does to you. That gives you find again and again the possibility of your balance.

13. Red Dragon – I’m my own mother
You will find the light within yourself if you trust unconditionally to life, along with me and everyone else. The yearning of your soul, your heart and your divine light pulling everything in life you need. Life not only gives you what you desire, but what you need to develop and grow. You will be supported by a power greater than you. You can be grateful for everything life gives you? Be who you are confident. So you bring not only yourself but the whole world to a higher level



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