Spirituele journey / maandag, maart 23rd, 2015



There are people who come into your life with a reason. There are also people who come into your life with no reason. Do we alway’s know that reason? No. Maybe that’s for the best.

Every day we learn, good or bad. But, is Good so Good? Or, is Bad so Bad? What Bad is for you, does not mean that it is bad for the other person. And the good does not have to be good for you. But maybe it is for the other person.

I also know the bad,,but also know the good. And that it’s for example the persons who came into my life. But i ask myself the question..was it that bad? That person?

Everybody has an ex..Me also. In the beginning i hated him so much. And the last few months i realize that i did learn from him..That, i will never change anymore, for nobody, that, you have to resepect everybody you know, and even don’t know, that you have to love yourself, no matter what. My ex took that away from me, and so much more, but, i did learn from him. I became myself again. The way i am. That is why you alway’s have persons in your life, good or bad. You have to learn from it.

Like Soulmates..

Everybody has them. Maybe you don’t know who, but everybody has one..or two… maybe more. But i’m shure that we have at least 2. They are everywhere. Suddenly they come into your life. You don’t know why, but there they are. You can do something with it. Or not. You will know if it’s your soulmate.

I  knew inmediately that they were my Soulmates. It looks like that you are watching in the mirrow.

Dear other me,

Maybe you can hear me

as I call out to you.

We may be apart

even when

we are close together.

And yet,

when I put my eyes on you.

I can see myself

like a mirror.

i did learn a lot from my Soulmates. I don’t say that it’s easy..because it’s not. Everytime you have to struggle with the things that come into your life. I look differently to ME again. I made mistake’s. Everybody has to learn to let go, even me. And again, not easy at all! Because, why do we have to lose people who belong’s to a good friend or a lover? Some Soulmates stay in your life and some don’t.

For my Soulmates

Dear soul,

I love you

with all my being

and support you

with all that I can.

And I hope you

will never forget



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